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About Storyteller’s Ink

Like Vesper Lynd reminds James Bond in “Casino Royale”,

“There are dinner jackets and dinner jackets, Mr Bond.  This is the latter.”

We hazard that some people like to talk about “telling stories”.  It sounds nice, after all, right?  However, we believe that there’s a huge difference from generic multimedia communication and compelling narrative storytelling across mediums.

There’s storytelling and then there’s storytelling.

At Storytellers Ink, we leverage our training and experience to deliver content that not only communicates, but keep your audience engaged with that communication. The simplest definition of good stories is they make the audience ask “what will happen next?” and we are passionate about presenting your story in a way that captures your audiences’ imagination.

We are an award-winning New York City-based communication and production house that has produced or collaborated on over fifty short, web-based, and feature film projects.  From documentaries in Africa to industrials for NGOs in South Carolina to narrative features in NYC, our team sees projects through from conception to delivery.

“There is storytelling, and then there's storytelling.”


Featured Project

When MeCam wanted to launch their wearable video camera, they came to us and asked us to create a piece for the new life-logging camera.  At Storytellers,  instead of focusing on the specs or features of the camera, we conceptualized the ad as a lifestylethat the camera enabled the user to live.  So, we came up with this commercial, shot in two states, with three different groups of people to show the life that MeCam could help you live.

“"A story is a trick for sneaking a message into the fortified citadel of the human mind." - Jonathan Gottschall”


Real stories are powerful, and telling those stories is what we’re passionate about.  Finding the human elements that connect with audiences, intertwining visual communication with narrative in order to create compelling media.  Storytellers Ink specializes in working with you to understand the story you wish to tell, and then executing that – from concept to delivery – with compelling visuals, audio, and narrative.

Featured Projects

Unreasonable TV

The trailer for Season 2 of “The Unreasonables”

A House on Beekman

Other Featured Work

“Compelling storytelling is an art form that these folks have well mastered. Storyteller's Ink brings creativity, experience, and best of all professional integrity in all that they do.”


“A single dream is worth a thousand realities.” -J.R.R. Tolkien

Sometimes an idea is so precise, so specific that it must be communicated through a piece of fiction. At Storytellers Ink, we believe that narrative films have strong impact on audiences, exploring new ideas and capturing their imagination.

Short Narrative

Trailer for “The Sheol Express”

We were contracted by Red 5 Studios to write and produce a short fantasy/sci-fi film for their “Continuum” anthology of films. We delivered “The Offering” a harrowing tale of a father and a son who find themselves deep in the forest and have to confront a mysterious force in the woods. “The Offering” was a full-scale location production shot in the woods of Pennsylvania.

Production Services

Storytellers Ink has experience with all aspects of small and medium-size film production.  We’ve been producing and co-producing projects of all shapes and sizes since 2008, providing production insurance, contracting payroll services, casting, hiring crew, negotiating SAG agreements, location scouting, and production advice and support.

We are passionate about helping others realize their vision and enabling good projects come to life.  We would love to discuss with you what your production needs and help you make it happen!

Some examples of the many films that we have provided services for.

  • The Offering (Short Film)
  • Under Her Skin (Indie Feature)
  • Withdrawl (Web Pilot)
  • Cold Roses (Short Film)
  • Protect Us (Short Film)



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