To Whom Is Given:
Business for the Common Good

An authentic, in-depth look at how faith drives three different entrepreneur's work.

Client: American Enterprise Institute Values and Capitalism Project
Role: Concept, Ideation, Creative, Production and Post-Production

When AEI approached us, they didn’t really know what they wanted…

… all that they knew was that they wanted to make a piece of content aimed at college students that engaged certain themes.

Although we started by discussing the possibility to simply film a presentation from a local professor, we soon put our heads together and instead developed a much grander vision for a 30-minute documentary film. This film, “To Whom Is Given: Business for the Common Good,” takes a look at three entrepreneurs who are driven by their faith and asks if Christians can serve God in through entrepreneurship. What could have been a boring-content-driven video, was turned into a compelling, character-and-story based documentary.

Tasked with engaging and speaking to college students, Storytellers approached the project through real-life, authentic stories of entrepreneurs with a hand-crafted feel were front and center in the film. When we did bring in theological “experts”, we did it in the context of a conversation, imaginatively filmed, to make sure that these thoughts didn’t seem too overbearing, but naturally commenting on the entrepreneurs’ journies.

The authenticity of the entrepreneurs’ stories have made the film a success both at conferences and in classrooms around the country

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Many products from the same footage

We developed and produced the 30-minute documentary to be used in classroom, workshop, or conference settings. However, we also produced a dozen supplemental assets and re-edits of the material for trailers, social media hits, web profiles, and DVD extras that gave the best “bang for the buck” on the shoot, and also allowed the content, ideas and stories to be told in whatever context the audience was in.

“A holistic view of christian vocation” extended roundtable cut. 
“Kammok” web profile cut.
“Winnette’s Story” Social Media Trailer.