The Unreasonables

An epic web series created with The Unreasonable Institute to peek inside an incubator for groundbreaking startups that address social problems around the world.

Client: The Unreasonable Institute
Role: Exec. Producer, Producing, Directing, Editing, Motion Graphics

“The Unreasonables” was an epic collaboration with The Unreasonable Institute, a social enterprise incubator out of Boulder, Colorado. It was broadcast worldwide during the UN World Peace Day Broadcast, online at Fast Company’s Co.Create, and on

The Unreasonable Institute was launching it’s first ever incubator in the Summer of 2010, and they brought us onboard from the very beginning to provide an intimate peek into life at the Institute. Together we created the documentary web series “The Unreasonables” that looked in on life in the institute. This allowed prospective investors, users, board members, applicants, and the media to see what life was like “inside the house” – something that’s quite hard to describe unless you see it for yourself.

We produced 2 seasons of the Over it’s 2-year run, we produced 17 documentary episodes, a dozen extended interviews with world-class executives from places like Google, Wild Oats, and the Gates Foundation, and hundreds of short pieces of media promoting the individual fellows’ organizations.

26 entrepreneurs. One house.

“The Unreasonables” was unique for many reasons. We followed 26 entrepreneurs as they worked ’round-the-clock to build their buisnesses, meaning that our production schedule started early in the morning, and our crew could often be found late into the night, filming and catching interviews with entrepreneurs as they worked late into the night.

Ridiculously Awesome People

Through the videos we made with Unreasonable, we were able to introduce many exceptional young entrepreneurs to the world and tell their stories. We broke news of Solar Mosaic, first US online marketplace to offer solar investments to the public. We were honored to introduce Khalida Brohi to the US, a passionate young Pakistani woman who would go on to speak at the Clinton Global Initiative and make Forbes 2014 list of Social Entrepreneurs. And we got to interview and interact with awesome mentors like a TIME Magazine Hero of the Planet, and executives at and Google X.

Individual Stories & Series Arc.

Each episode told the story of one individual entrepreneur, in addition to telling the story of the group over the course of the institute. This meant that we not only told one entrepreneur’s story every week, but that we also wove the story and mission of the entire institute into each episode in a compelling way. Additionally, we revisited entrepreneurs we profiled before and tracked their progress through the institute and as they pitched and approached investors for funds.

Audiences continued to return to the series on a weekly basis, watching over 100 minutes of content per season, because they were invested in the group’s story.

A Library of Content

We produced not only dramatic webisodes, but also trailers and promotional material, a library of mentor interviews, investor pitches, and other evergreeen content for both Unreasonable and their fellows that has continued to pay dividends.