When MeCam wanted to produce a signature video for their wearable camera, we made sure that it wasn't just about what the camera could do - but about the lifestyle that the camera would enable you to live.

3 cities, 9 stories, and 1 dog

When MeCam wanted to launch their wearable video camera, they came to us and asked us to create a piece for the new life-logging camera.  At Storytellers,  instead of focusing on the specs or features of the camera, we conceptualized the ad as a lifestyle that the camera enabled the user to live.  So, we came up with this commercial, shot in two states, with three different groups of people to show the life that MeCam could help you live.

By following 3 different groups of people as they used the MeCam throught the day, audiences could see all of the ways that MeCam can be used to capture and relive their lives.