Man of Peace

A 30-minute documentary shot in the far-flung backcountry of eastern India.

Client: Scriptures In Use
Role: Producer, Director, Editor, Score, Post-Production


Scriptures in Use (SIU) wanted to chronicle the success of their training methods in a rural, out-of-the-way district in India. SIU a compelling, 30-minute documentary to use as a training piece for audiences in India, as well as a donor relations tool in the US.

Storytellers worked extensively in pre-production with SIU and their contacts on-the-ground in order to determine how to report not just the statistics of the success, but to build a compelling story around the success.

Identifying the conflict of the narrative, as well as recurring characters that the audience could come to care about was instrumental in order to create a piece that hold the audience’s attention for 30 minutes.


Many products from the same footage

Storytellers developed and produced a 30-minute documentary that “revolutionized” SIU’s training by showing, in a compelling, visual, and dramatic way, their training methods. We produced several different versions of this content from the same footage shot over a 10-day period. We produced a short trailer, two different cuts of the documentary for different audiences, as well as short, web-friendly featurettes.

“Compelling storytelling is an art form that these folks have well mastered. Storytellers Ink brings creativity, experience, and best of all professional integrity in all that they do.”

– Jim Bowman, SIU Founder & CEO


See the full documentary below:

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